Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pulling Up

I told Papa Bear last night that I thought it was time we lowered the crib because Sweet Pea was getting just a little too proficient at pulling herself up on things and it was only a matter of time before she figured out how to pull up on her crib. Just call me Nostradamus. Ok, that might be overstating things just a bit, but I did call it.

Papa Bear put Sweet Pea in the crib for a nap today and left to take the boys to home depot. I was visiting with a friend in the kitchen listening to Sweet Pea screech and yell in her crib and then the yelling sounded different to me. So I went to investigate and I find a very proud Sweet Pea standing up in her crib, leaning over the edge looking down at the ground and precariously perched half in, half out. My heart skipped a beat and I swooped her up and waited to put her back down for her nap until I knew she would lay down and go to sleep.

Needless to say, Papa Bear lowered her crib before her afternoon nap because we have a very strong, curious and proud little girl pulling on everything she can!

In Little Man's room, pulled up on his firehouse

In her crib, after it had been lowered.

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  1. Won't be long now til she's walking on those tiny feet!