Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Incidents

Sweet Pea is fully mobile, crawling/pushing and shimming her way up stairs, into corners, under tables and into closets. Sister does not want to be left behind in a room and wants to get in on all of the action. This has led to a series of unfortunate incidents because there is always a baby under-foot or in the toilet as the case may be.

While I was making dinner this evening I was chopping vegetables as the boys were playing (an unapproved game of jumping off the couch onto each other, but I didn't bother breaking it up because at least they weren't fighting) and Sweet Pea was shimming around the kitchen. When I looked down at Sweet Pea she was obviously chewing on something she shouldn't have in her mouth. I swept her up into my arms and did the typical "mom finger sweep" to fetch it out and she had already swallowed it. I was trying to figure out what it was when she sighed a deep sweet baby breath sigh right in my face and that is when I knew that what she had chewed up and swallowed was an onion.

Today she also managed to pull a pogo stick onto herself, fall off of a bench that she had pulled herself up to almost standing on, get her finger smashed in the bathroom door when Peanut wanted some privacy and fall head first down the step-down into the living room. The head first fall down the step-down was performed most gracefully and after letting out a brief cry she completed a roll and kept on shimmying her way to her original destination...which was as usual, wherever Little Man can be found.

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  1. It sounds like she at least enjoyed the onion. How funny. She is one determined little girl! :-)