Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Month Update

Sweet Pea is 10 months old and I have to say that I am not ready to think about her turning 1 in just 2 short months. But I think she is more than ready as she is not content to stay and baby and wants to push towards toddlerhood to join her running and talking brothers.

The most notable change is that Sweet Pea is spending more and more of her time vertical. She pulls up on everything and will grab anything that moves to use as a walker, including her big brothers. Her little cruising steps are becoming more and more stable and sometimes she will let go to play with a toy and stand on her own. That standing lasts until she realizes she is doing it and then she will plop down with a laugh.

Sweet Pea loves to dance. She is a moving, grooving little lady. It starts as her little hands and wrists get down but if she happens to be standing she will get her legs and booty into it. She maneuvers all over the house and has also mastered the regular hands and knees crawl. When she is really trying to gain speed she will revert back to her original army crawl slither. She babbles regularly but not usually with meaning and when she wants something she can't have she emits a high pitch scream that lets us know a girl has invaded the ranks of boys.

She is taking 2 naps a day each for about an hour to an hour and a half and sleeps from 7:30-7:00 at night. She won't sleep without her binky and blankets and looks so sweet snuggled up. She is still in some 12-18 month clothes but her chunky awesome thighs fit best into 18-24 months stuff. She is an eating machine just like her brothers. She nurses 4 times a day and eats 3 meals. She typically eats anything that you give her and we have started to just puree whatever our dinner is for her so she will develop a taste for our regularly served food.

Things I don't want to forget:
1. The vampire* smile she gives me when she wants to be picked up and I comply with her wishes.
2. The feel of arms wrapped around my neck, she my best and earliest hugger.
3. Her sneaky ways. If she sees the bathroom door open she will charge for it but her laughter at what she thinks she is going to get away with always gives her away.
4. Her sweet smell. I know it sounds crazy but my baby girl smells like honey and chocolate. It is unique to just her and I love breathing in her sweet baby girl scent.

*vampire smile = her incisors have started to come in before her front teeth so it looks like she has fangs until her front teeth catch up

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