Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lost in Translation and other tid bits

Little Man has been attending Vacation Bible School this week or "Jesus School" as he calls it. Every day I ask him about his day and I get his interesting 4 year old version of the day. Today he told me this story:

" There was a lady and a guy and they had a pretend fight and the lady put the pie in the guy's face. Smooch! It was to teach us that people in England have bad behavior and God had to tell them to not have fighting and throwing pies. Mama, if I ever go to England I will remember to have really good behavior." I am fairly certain this was not meant to be the lesson of the day, but I still found it hilarious and will have to inform my friends who live in England that they have to quit the pie throwing bad behavior.

A litte bit after lunch, was sitting on a chair and told me that he was getting so big because his fur was coming in nicely. What? I asked him to repeat it and this time I looked at him and saw that he was looking at his legs and the little hairs that he saw were obviously his fur. I am so glad that my cub's fur is coming in so nicely.

Peanut has been trouble of late. Today he dumped out all of the cherrios on the table, dumped sugar on the floor, made himself a glass of sugar water and drank it and for the third day in a row I found toys in my oven. All of this aside, he said his first 4 word sentence today " Ja Ja Help Lo Lo do" He was asking his big brother to help him make a car light up and roll forward. It was awesome. He also said "smurf" which in and of itself is not worth mentioning but it is a great example of his ever expanding vocabulary that he was able to clearly name a McDonald's toy that he got in his happy meal just yesterday. Trouble he might be, but he is still my hero.

And speaking of trouble, that is Sweet Pea's new name in this house. We are constantly having to fish something out of her mouth, grab her before she falls off of something, rescue her from standing up on something less than stable etc. Yesterday she was playing with a toy and Peanut came and tried to play too and she let out a shriek and pushed his hands away. Already? Seriously, we do not have any more room for drama in this house.

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