Monday, August 29, 2011

Breaking the Code

Little Man has become very focused on wearing his "handsome" clothes. We went shopping together on Saturday and he got to pick out his clothes for the first time. I have to say, my boy has good taste and expensive taste. It has been of a mystery as why he all of a sudden cares about what he wears. Prior to the "handsome" clothes preference he would wear whatever I put out and only really threw a fit and the change of seasons.

We think that broke the "handsome" code. Papa Bear has recently started a new job. His old job was an extremely casual work environment so he typically wore jeans and a polo. His new job, while still very casual, is not quite so lax. So he has been wearing button down shirts and slacks more often. Little Man always takes notice of what Papa Bear wears to work especially since we have added to Papa Bear's wardrobe for this new job. Since Little Man wants to be like Papa Bear we have changed to the "handsome" wardrobe.

We have seen little changes with Peanut too. He plays "going to work" all the time and has a Papa Bear walk to show he is pretending to be Papa going off to work.

I love that I have such a wonderful role model for my boys and that they want to emulate him from how he walks to how he dresses.

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