Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trouble and other updates

Sweet Pea's new name is "Trouble". We must find her in some troublesome situation at least five times a day. It is a good thing she is so darn cute or she might actually get in trouble for all of the mischief she causes. She is up on all fours crawling now and loves to hear the slap of her hands hitting the kitchen floor. We love to hear the slap of her hands too because it helps us know where she is so we know what kind of trouble she is getting in like making a mad dash for the bathroom or pushing a bench over so she can climb up on the couch.

Peanut is on a corn-free diet based on a suggestion from one of his doctors and we have seen a huge change in his speech. We were amazed at how many food products in our fridge and pantry had corn in it, especially high fructose corn syrup that we are avoiding like the plague. It was in the ketchup, maple syrup, bread crumbs, crackers, cereals and yogurt. So we found new brands to buy of those products and have already seen a much different pattern in his speech. He has added 10 words in just the one week to his vocab including done, now and gone which are awesome because they are very generic words that he can use at school in a few weeks. We are also getting some better pronunciation on his words and today he said "go" with the proper hard g 3 times in a row! He is a little moody and tired with the diet change but his body is detoxing and we are just keeping him snacking on healthy corn-free food to help regulate his blood sugar without the crack known as high fructose corn syrup.

Little Man is focused on being fancy and handsome. He dresses himself only in shirts that have collars and shorts that have buttons and patterns. He is so grown up. We were making cookies together the other day and I handed him a cookie ball that was too big and I said "oops, sorry buddy, that one isn't a good one" and his instant reply was "That's ok Mama, it is all a part of making cookies. It is the process, not the result". I was so proud of him and it is rewarding to know that the lessons I am trying to teach him are making an impact. I don't want him to worry at the age of 4 of getting things right or perfect when he is working on a project. I want him to have fun and learn from the process. I love all of his "Little Man-isms" and the truth is, that I learn a lot from him too.

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