Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Budding Photographer

We gave Little Man our old digital camera to use and he will spend hours at a time taking pictures and setting up shots. In fact, he will usually take pictures until the batteries run out (which doesn't take that long, it is an old camera, after-all). Well he took so many pictures that the memory was full and he asked me to put his pictures on the computer so that he could keep taking more pictures. I wasn't planning on keeping any of them, but when I started to look through them I couldn't delete them. He has an eye for a good picture and I love some of the shots that he set up. I showed them to Papa Bear and he liked them too. We had to delete a few of them that were no appropriate for viewing. He was a bit sneaky when taking these pictures and caught Papa Bear unaware in the bathroom. We laughed hysterically when we saw that though. I am sure if his Aunt Carol gets to see these, she will be very proud. Here are some of the pictures that we can show you....

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  1. Wow! That kid has real talent. It could be from the Green side. Poppop's father was a professional photographer as well as a senator. Wow! The lighting is awesome. You should submit these somewhere! Wow! :-)