Sunday, September 4, 2011

Facing Fears

Little Man is our most sensitive child. He has had some typical childhood fears like the chicken behind his door or being scare the first time he was dropped off at school. But he also had a fear of the elevator at Home Depot. To be clear, he didn't have a fear of just any elevator, just the one on the roof of the parking lot at Home Depot. This is where Papa Bear has often taken the boys to get them out of the house, play on tractors and do manly stuff. Part of their routine was to park on the top deck and take the large service elevator down to the main level. But tragedy struck. One day they all got on the elevator and right before the doors closed Peanut ran off the elevator. Papa Bear had to follow him but Little Man didn't move fast enough and was stuck in the elevator. Papa Bear heard him crying and yelled to him not to move and it would come back up. He pushed the button and Little Man stayed put and when the elevator came back up they were all reunited. But ever since then, Little Man has refused to get on the elevator at Home Depot. Today the boys went to Home Depot while Sweet Pea and I went to a book store. The stairs they usually use were closed off and they were forced to use the elevator. Little Man bravely faced his fear and rode the elevator down without incident. I am always proud when my kids face fears head on even if they are forced by yellow tape barring the easy way down.

On a side note, he is still resistant to change as evident by his crying breakdown when he saw my new haircut. He says my hair looks crazy and he wants it back to the old way. Poor guy will just have to adjust to me with bangs.

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