Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meeting the Teachers

Both boys got to meet with their teachers in preparation for school to start next week.  It was a huge success on all counts.  They were so excited this morning that they had their shoes on and were ready to go about an hour before we needed to leave.

Little Man's meeting with his teacher was structured a little differently this year.  The previous two years I accompanied him into the classroom to ease his nerves and he stayed and played for 15 minutes.  His first year he almost dropped the school fish and his second year he refused to paint his hand for a handprint because it was too messy.  I have no idea what he did this year.  I wasn't there.  I can't lie, that does make me equal parts proud and sad.  He walked right on in when his teacher invited him in and 20 minutes later came out and told me that he painted a picture and didn't get messy, tried to build a road but it didn't work and made something else but couldn't remember what.  That was all I could get out of him other than he hopes school gets to start tomorrow.

Peanut walked into his room like he owned it.  He got half-way in and turned to me and said "May Mama, May" which in Logan speak means "Come, Mama, come".  It was his only sign on unease.  I sat down on the floor and he relaxed and played for 15 minutes.  He got to feed the class fish and played mostly in the kitchen area.  He fought me when it was time to leave but didn't throw a full fit, for which I was eternally grateful.  I am also grateful that my good friend K will be co-oping on the first day which should ease Peanut's transition

And just so she isn't left out, Sweet Pea played in Peanut's classroom like she owned it too.  She can't start this year, but she will be able to start next year in the Step Into Preschool program.  I can't even think about that.

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