Monday, September 19, 2011

Look Whose Walkin'

Little Ms. SweetPea has decided that it is time to take some steps on her own.  When properly motivated (read: to get food that is just out of reach) she takes tiny little hesitant steps until she is close enough to lung and grab onto her final destination.  Her first steps were to move from a chair at the kitchen table towards her high chair where she had spotted some rogue cherrios.  The best thing about it was that I actually managed to see her do it and since Papa Bear had only caught the tail end of it we lured her into a repeat performance using a baby rice cake to motivate her.  Since then she can often be found standing all by herself with a grin on her face contemplating that next step.  She still only takes one or two steps before throwing herself down on the floor laughing to resume crawling.  It isn't going to be long before those tiny hesitant steps turn into full fledged walking and then running.  Let the fun begin!

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