Monday, September 26, 2011

Slowing it down for some hugs

Weekday mornings are always busy and we move a sprint like pace to get everyone fed, dressed, bathroomed, groomed, re-bathroomed and re-dressed and out the door for school.  Mondays are the worst.  The kids have to say good-bye to Papa and are loath to let him go after two days with him here and it just takes a little more time to get used to and fall back into our schedule.  Plus we have to get Little Man off to school and then race back home for speech therapy so it is extra important that everything get done on schedule.

This Sweet Pea sat in her high chair covered from head to toe in blueberries, bananas and teething biscuit crying her little head off.  I was trying to wash the morning dishes before attending to her because loading the dishwasher is impossible with my newly walking little monkey who thinks it would be fun to climb up into the dishwasher.  Little Man and Peanut were alternately coming in to show me their creations from the playroom (bowls of pretend soup with the same bowls I would need to prepare dinner...sigh).  Little Man came in and told Peanut to come quick with him and as they both tried to run from the kitchen at the same time Peanut ran smack into the door frame.  Now I had two crying.  Setting dishes aside I gathered up a sobbing Peanut and held him tight.  I sat in a chair near Sweet Pea trying to reassure her with my closeness that she was next for hugs.  Then a cry came from the playroom and Little Man came running in crying.  He had "tried to sit nicely on the couch" and bonked his head.  My theory is that he was trying to jump on the couch and bonked his head.  So I gathered Little Man to my side and pulled him as tight as I could with Peanut still on my lap and Sweet Pea pulled close to the chair.  Peanut calmed down and Little Man climbed up to get his hugs.  We hugged and counted to 100. Then I picked up a very messy Sweet Pea and stuck her under the sink to clean her up.  I left the dishes that weren't washed and decided that maybe we needed to just slow down for a second.  As soon as I stopped trying to be productive and get everything done, amazingly enough everything that needed to get done got done including hugs for everyone that needed one.

-side note: I got everyone ready and saw that they were playing nicely so I could sit and start writing a quick post.  Then Peanut had an accident and peed in a plastic bin, Sweet Pea tried to attack the computer when I put it down quickly to deal with the accident and I had to change my clothes because I am not sure if it was just water or pee that somehow covered my pants.  So everything I had gotten done - just got undone. I think I might be the one that needs a hug by the end of this day.

Happy 11 months to Sweet Pea today.  I will write her update later today.

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