Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Dreams and a little advice

Peanut woke up really sad from his nap this afternoon.  Typically he is only sad if he is forced to wake up before he is ready so I asked him what was wrong.  He said "Bad Guy hurt me." It took me a second but then I asked him if he had a bad dream.  He snuggled into my neck and said "Yes, scared Lo Lo".  So I kept him in my arms and lugged his 40 pounds downstairs to let him wake up slowly in my arms and get over his bad dream.

Little Man wanted to know all about his bad dream and asked him a lot of questions.  "Did the bad guy eat you?"  "Did he cut off your arm?"  "Did he spitted you, chop you up and eat you?"  Peanut said "Yes Ja Ja" to each question and with each question I become more appalled at what Little Man was saying.  Where did he get these ideas.  The only tv he watches is Curious George and occasionally some Winnie the Pooh or Word World.  He doesn't watch regular tv, commercials or anything with any type of violence.  Then he redeemed himself by reassuring his little brother.   He said "Don't worry, it is all just pretend.  Sometimes I have bad dreams too but then I just waked up and look around my room and it is nothing.  No one is there.  It is just empty and it was just a dream."  Peanut said "ohhh Ja Ja, oh my" (his new favorite expression) and slid off my lap to go play with his big brother.

I am so glad that my kids have each other to turn to if there are bad dreams about bad guys or anything else that they might encounter.

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