Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Not me! And not Little Man! He loves wolves and Giants and even monsters. We have conquered our fear of all of those things. But chickens...well that is a different story all together. Chickens, my friends, invoke such fear that screaming and running down the hallway in shear terror at 1 am occurs. Or rather occurred....last night. Sometime after 1 am (I didn't have my glasses on so I saw the 1 but the rest was blurry) Little Man came running and screaming down the hallway straight to my side of the bed. I scooped him up as he huffed and puffed and whimpered in my arms. I comforted him and asked him was scared him. I was ready for the Big Bad Wolf attack or a Giant tried to eat him - things from books we have read that in the day time didn't affect him but at night, well, I thought that may be an entirely different story. So I was shocked to say the least when he says "The chicken." The Chicken?? So asked again about what scared him. And he again said "The chicken by my door". So Papa Bear diligently got up and shooed "the chicken" out of the house and Little Man agreed to go back to bed in his own room after being reassured multiple times that "the chicken by his door" was properly disposed of by Papa Bear. I guess one kid's monster is another kid's chicken.

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