Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pockets Full of Peanut Contraband

Traditionally we have our Christmas decorations up for a full month, but this year they came down a few days early due to life in a post-Easy to Find Peanut world. This morning we realized that we could try to keep the halls decked in the holiday way and go crazy trying to keep Peanut safe or we could buck tradition and take the relaxing way out. So while Peanut napped and Little Man and Papa Bear played in the playroom I dismantled it all. I felt a little like the Grinch as Little Man looked up at me with his trusting eyes and said in his sweet little voice, "Why are you taking the Christmas tree down Mama? Why?" But even with his increasing anxiety about Christmas disappearing we pushed on. Ahhh, sweet more tiny ornaments for Peanut to choke on! Except that we found out that our house is not nearly as Peanut proof as we thought it was. What we thought was up high enough, is now in reach. What we thought was safe in a bag was quickly dumped out. So Papa Bear and I followed Peanut around all day collecting pockets full of contraband. Choking hazards. So in a post-sitting still, post-holiday decorations world - well we still have a pockets full of Peanut contraband.

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