Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jump-o-lene and Swings Galore

Our playroom has turned into a fun house these days. To fight off some of the cold weather blues I have pulled out all of the stops. We re-hung the hammock swing that Uncle Mark and Tita Michelle got for Little Man when he was 9 months old and added a Jump-o-lene to the mix. Oh the fun we have had!

The boys have loved the swing and we have to use the timer because they both want to be in it constantly. Little Man gets 5 minutes and Peanut gets 2 and then we switch. Little Man gets to dictate if he spins or swings and he loves to help push Peanut.

The jump-o-lene is a large inflatable moon bounce type thing. I got it for free from my local freecycle and Papa Bear patched a few holes and ta-da! instant fun and energy burning for my little monkeys. Little Man (aka daredevil) likes to get up and jump from the couch into the jumpolene and land in a somersault flipping so that his legs flip up and out of the toy. (inducing quite a few heart attacks). But just look at the smiles on my boys. Totally worth it!


  1. hahahahahahahaha.
    that's what those pictures make me do: laugh!

  2. Jackson is quite the gymnast! Did you see his Rockette's impressionist video in an earlier post? I thought you might enjoy that!! Glad my boys could make you laugh!