Monday, December 14, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Last week, Papa Bear and I attended our first of many parent/teacher conference. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought that what I wanted to hear was that he is the smartest, fastest, cutest, best behaved kid in his class. I couldn't wait to brag about whatever fantastic review the teacher provided us. But I walked away with an entire different kind of elation and something closer to my heart to brag about.

Mrs. H told us that Little Man is all of the things I was hoping for. He always listens and responds to verbal direction, he plays at all three levels (did you know there were 3 levels of play?), He is gentle and not aggressive, he respects the rights of others, he has good inner control and quality of knowing what to do. He has a wide vocabulary and displays a lot of knowledge in different areas. He loves music and science and movement and art. He reads books and paints often. I can go on and on. And please don't get me wrong, all of this was wonderful to hear. But the best, most important thing that the teacher shared with us is that Little Man can often be heard singing spontaneously while playing, doing an art project, or looking at the science table. She went on to tell us that singing spontaneously is one of the biggest signs of happiness in a 2 year old. The bragging I could do regarding his language acquisition skills all of a sudden paled in comparison. My son is exhibiting one of the best signs of happiness on a regular basis.

So I know this was only our first parent/teacher conference but I have to say, it is going to go down as one of the best no matter how great the ones to come are!

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