Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little bit of humor in a very tough day...

Today it is a stretch for me to find anything funny or cute to blog about. Today was a very tough day. Today Little Man was diagnosed with RSV after I found him in his bed, limp, grey and not breathing very well. Today I am thankful for the "mama instincts" (aka - nudge by God) that sent me up to check on him, today I am thankful for a doctor who ordered all the tests he could think of so we could know what we are dealing with, today I am thankful for my beautiful boys, who are beautiful even with dark circles under their eyes and red noses. But during all of the emergency inhaler treatments and nebulizer treatments and constant doses of tylenol and motrin and coughing and steroid hyperness - Little Man still had me laughing.

The doctor came into the examination room and Little Man sat on his chair with a combination of lethargy and hyperness - a tough combination to pull off. The doctor said "I am going to listen to your tummy, ok?". Little Man replied, "I think you should use your stethoscope to listen to me breathe instead, ok?" The doctor said "How old are you?" Little Man politely replied " Two, how old you?" Smiling, the doctor said "You are really smart for 2". Little Man nodded his head wisely and said " Ok I breathe for you now, listen carefully". I couldn't help but laugh at my 2 year olds precocious answers.

Even on the worst of days, my boys light up the world. Now if they could both just stop coughing, breathe easy and stay out of the hospital.

- A very tired Mama Bear

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