Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas Saga Continues...

I am so tired tonight that I feel like someone has tied bricks to my limbs. I forgot how exhausting it is to keep eyes on a crawling baby who has every intention of finding only the choking hazards and coffee tables.

But today was a great day, a perfect day.

This morning we had Peanut's 9 month well visit. His official stats are :
26 pounds 6 ounces (greater than 100th percentile)
30 1/4 inches long (95th percentile)

Unofficially, he is a fatty fat rolly polly adorable chunk-a-chunk

He checked out and wowed the doctors with his feats of strength, many many teeth, and ability to crawl, pull up but not roll over. (The doctor said that there is nothing to worry about with his lack of rolling over - apparently he is just past that, doesn't need it and has decided that he is just too much of a rock star to bother with rolling over).

When we arrived home, Mee-Mom (my mom) and Mommom (my grandmother) were already there. Oh and Simba (or Dumba as Little Man calls her), we can't forget Simba the entertainment with 4 legs. Little Man was already in the throws of being spoiled as Mee-Mom was providing him with his second (yes, second) round of Christmas presents and Simba was doing tricks for him. Peanut did his best to impress our guests with his crawling abilities as he chased Simba around. The dog didn't even know he was chasing her as he isn't super quick, but there were a few times we thought he was going to get a handful of fur. Little Man had " a job to do" as he "worked" at his new workbench (a gift from Mommom), sawing and cutting foam wood and building things, Peanut tried to eat the foam pieces and after deciding that they didn't taste so great moved on to trying to chew on all of the tools. Simba might have gone back to DE a little ill from all of the treats Little Man insisted on feeding her. We had a great dinner (yes, I made it and yes, I am bragging - but it was my first Chicken Pot Pie and it was fabulous). And the night ended with Peanut stealing Mommom's heart as he reached for her to hold him and then stared into her eyes. (He is a bit of a lady's man)

What a way to end 2009! I think Mee-Mom's 2010 resolution is to cut down on the toy purchases for the boys and like most resolutions won't be kept at all!! As for me and Papa Bear, well our 2010 resolution is to get more sleep.

Stay tuned for Tot Clocks, the return of "The Chicken by the door" and Little Man's man bag.....all to come in 2010!!

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