Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Looks Like Who??

From the day Little Man was born, I have been told by friend and stranger alike that Little Man was a mini Papa Bear. Then Peanut came along and the doctor took one look at him and said "well, there is no doubt who he looks like!" and looked right at Papa Bear. But as the days went on some few (and very wonderful people) would tell me that Peanut looks like me. Oh how I rejoiced! Until today...when I put each of the kid's 9 month picture next to Papa Bear's picture from when he was roughly the same age. Not that I mind that my boys are so handsome that they look like their Papa, but I would just like a feature or two to look like me. They all have blue/green eyes (the recessive gene I might add) and they all have the same nose and smiles. Oh wait, what am I complaining about...they are all the cutest boys in the entire world! What do you think? Who looks like who?

Little Man Papa Bear Peanut


  1. wow. they look so similar and sooooo adorable!

    maybe the next one will look like you;-)

  2. TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Triplets! Ha, that would be really funny if I wasn't worried about actually having triplets one day!