Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy 9 Month's Old Peanut!

It is so hard to believe that 9 months ago today, Peanut came into this world a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces and 4 weeks early. I can remember eating sushi with 2 of my friends while having contractions that were getting closer and closer, but I was in denial that they meant labor. And then my beautiful baby boy made his appearance and my life changed completely. That tends to happen when you fall head over heels irrevocably in love with a little Peanut.

His unofficial weight (taken when the doctor wasn't looking at a sick visit last week) is 26 pounds 10 ounces. His official weight will be taken at his 9 month appointment next week. Peanut has been getting from place to place for some time now, but has really started to shuffle/crawl longer distances. He loves to push up from his tummy into the sitting position and then pivot, get back down into crawling, shuffle, crawl, push up to sitting and pivot again. It really gets him where he wants to go even if it seems like a lot of effort! He is a joy to watch and boy, do we have to watch him now. Just yesterday he made it over to a painting project that Little Man and I were working on, pulled the newspaper down off the coffee table, paint and all. I didn't think he could get all the way there without me noticing - but I won't make that mistake twice! Just today he crawled all the way across the room in one slick motion. I should note at this point he still can't roll over due to his well, let's call it, plumpness. He rolls from his front to his back on accident and then gets stuck there. Papa Bear has exclaimed three times today "We are in for it now! He is everywhere" and our post-Christmas purchase is going to be gates :)

His smile is so infectious. I have seen grumpy old men be swayed by his toothy grin. When he smiles his eyes scrunch up and he shows his 8 teeth off and his little jaw kind of goes crooked. He knows he is a charmer and uses his smile to get what he wants because it so often works.

He says Mama, Papa and Ba Ba (for his brother). Mama is definitely his most often used word as he babbles it from his crib, high chair or jumper trying to get my attention. His favorite activity is to take all of the books in the cubby or shelf and pull them out one by one, toss them to the side and go for the next one. He loves to play with toys and can entertain himself for 20 to 30 minutes just playing and getting from toy to toy.

He takes two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon when Little Man is napping (ahh, the blessed silence). He goes to bed at 7 and sleeps mostly through the night with an occasional diaper change or lost binky waking him up briefly. It is a sleep miracle for us!

He did break my heart a little by deciding that he liked eating from a bottle better than me. So he has decided it is time to be done nursing about 3 months before I wanted him to. He loves the ease and quickness of his bottles and takes about 25-30 ounces of formula a day on top of his 3 meals of pureed vegetables and fruit. He goes to town on cherrios and demands them at the end of every meal by banging on his tray until you put them down. He is getting quite good at picking them up in the pincher grasp and at least 3/4 of the cheerios now make it into his mouth rather than his lap or the floor. He still gives us evil looks as we eat our dinner so I slip him pasta and other goodies when I can. I don't think he will be eating baby food for much longer as we move him to more and more table food. He eats every meal as if we have starved him for a week and practically inhales all that we give him!

We are all so in love with our Peanut. He is sweet tempered, easy going, fun-loving with a little mischievousness mixed in for good measure. Happy 9 months baby boy, you are loved beyond all comprehension!

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