Monday, December 28, 2009

Manic Monday

The combination of sugar, holiday spirit, having Papa Bear home for extra days and household projects have left us all in a state of disarray, but in a very good way.

This morning we went to a soft playroom to let Little Man literally bounce of the walls and Peanut have freedom to crawl and explore without the typical bumps and bruises. It meant skipping morning naps for Peanut and a snack in the car while on the go for Little Man, but it was worth it. Then home for lunch and an impromptu instrument band created by Papa Bear and Little Man with water bottles full of rice (shakers) and jugs with a rubberband (guitar) and my tupperware and spoons (drums). Yes, I know we technically own all of these instruments for real, but they had to much fun making their own band (just like Curious George did in an episode Little Man watched recently). Peanut laughed and played and tried to eat the coffee table until we dragged him away to take his nap.

This staycation while Papa Bear is technically on-call for work but doesn't have to go in is already shaping up with a perfect blend of family fun events and home projects. Later to come in the week is a visit from Mee-Mom, Mommom and Simba as well as an indoor water park at the rec center!


  1. love the homemade band!
    And staycations can be absolutely perfect, which is how yours seems to be shaping up.
    Have a blast with your family:)

  2. I wish our lives could be a staycation - it just so much more fun with Jon home with us. If we win the lotto (although we would have to play to win) Oh well!