Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Zoo Adventure

"We can't go to the zoo.  The zoo has lions and lions have big sharp scary teeth and they eat things.  They eat Logan's."  (That sentence is amazing, right!) This was Peanut's response to our announcement this morning that we were having a zoo adventure.  We reassured him that the lions would not eat him and we took advantage of an unusually cool day to trek through the zoo.  It was amazing.  With the cooler weather and the early start we got to the day, we were able to see so many animals as they were all outside enjoying the cool weather too.  Sweet Pea loved the elephants, Peanut adored the monkeys and Little Man was so excited to see the Panda.  They were all infatuated with the meerkats and they ran back and forth along with the meerkats.  Peanut really wanted to see the "mangos' which turned out to be flamingos.  We never got to see them due to a sudden downpour while we were on our way and we made a quick decision to run through the ran to the car.  We were soaked and laughing by the time we got to the car and it was a perfect way to end our adventure.  (I can say this because I wasn't the one having to push two kids in a double stroller up the hill at the National Zoo in pouring rain.  I got to run and skip and jump in puddles with the 5 year old.)  We had to do a lot of holding Sweet Pea back from jumping head first into the animal enclosures.  Apparently walls and moats and thin chains mean nothing to my girl.  We walked down the hill, taking in all of the different sights and animals and then stopped and had a huge picnic snack to refuel and then headed back up the hill to the car.  We are always trying to figure out the best way to handle the up hill, down hill situation and I think the problem is that no matter what we do, we still have to climb that darn hill.  It was a great morning and we have made a note to only attempt zoo visits when the temp is under 80 degrees.

Posing in front of the Small Mammal House

Attempting an escape during snack time

Running from the lions

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