Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Sleepers

Every night, before I go to sleep, I always check on the kids.  I just need a little peek at their sweet sleeping bodies before I can truly rest.  They all have such different personalities in the day so it isn't surprising that they are each so different in sleep too.

Little Man is exactly as I left him.  On his back, head on his pillow, the covers pulled up under his arms - like he was tucked in only a few minutes ago.  He doesn't move very much when he sleeps but is the one most likely to wake up in the night.  He is also a very sweaty sleeper.

Peanut was clutching toys in his sleep.  Every night he takes a different toy to bed with him.  Partially to play with as he falls asleep and partially to keep it safe from his sister and brother in the morning.  Tonight, I had to pry two matchbox jet fighters out of his pudgy hands.  He was flying them for the 30 minutes prior to bed, not pausing in his play for anything.  He sleeps on his tummy and is all over the bed all night long.  He has fallen out of bed many times and now has a long body pillow and a guard rail keeping him from falling out.  Peanut is our deepest sleeper and resists being woken up like a teenage boy.

Sweet Pea cocoons herself in her blankets and crams herself into a corner of the crib.  Tonight she had a blanket wrapped on all sides of her little head and had one hand holding a silky corner of the blanket against her cheek.  She loves the top right corner of her crib and folds herself into an L shape to be pushed up against the side as much as possible.  She sleeps on both her tummy and her back always with her binky and the silky part of the blanket against her cheek. 

I love watching them in peaceful sleep, I love how different they are in sleep.  Oh and I love how quiet they are too.

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