Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Batteries, Remote Controls and Internet Access

What do these three things have in common?  Trouble, otherwise known as Sweet Pea.  If you can't find or use or find all of the parts to any of these three things, ask Sweet Pea what happened.  She will usually tell on herself. 

She is very fond of sneaking away to climb behind the cabinet that holds the tv and cable cords etc. to push the bright red glowing button on the power strip. This cuts off the TV, DVD and wireless modem.  I don't usually notice until I sit down to do work in the afternoon or give the boys their tv time while I make lunch and when I ask what happened the culprit shyly smiles and points and says "Push off".  No kidding.

Another fun habit of Sweet Pea is to pry the backs off the remotes, bang them on the floor until the batteries pop out, remove the batteries and then hide all of these things in different places.  It really does keep our TV watching to a minimum but it is also very annoying to have to go hunting for batteries and the remote when I need them.  Incidentally, none of our remotes have backs on them at the moment.  I think two are broken and we just stopped trying with the last one.

Ah, my Sweet Pea loves to cause trouble.  Good thing she is so cute, it is very hard to be cross with her when she gives you her sweet smile and plants kisses on your pretend boo boos.

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