Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Perfect Pumpkin Day

Peanut has been asking to go to the pumpkin patch since June and for months we have had to tell him that it was closed.  Last night, we got to tell him that it was going to open again and we were going to go so at 5:15am, Peanut exclaimed (from his hiding spot under his bed) that he was ready to go to the pumpkin patch and find his perfect pumpkin.  We spent 3 hours at the festival and did everything from pretending to drive the combine harvester to the tunnel slides to the hay ride to the actual pumpkin patch where each kid found their perfect pumpkin.   We stopped for lunches and snacks, enjoying the day and riding it out as long as we could.  Peanut's non-stop smile said it all, he had finally found his perfect pumpkin and we had a perfect family day.

This is the smile that we got to see all day! Give Peanut a tractor to drive and you are his hero.

This way!

Captain Jack

It's that smile again!

Can you see the excitement on Peanut's face as the tractor pulls up for the hay ride?

The Perfect Pumpkin (as he declared)

Pumpkin for the Princess

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