Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seasonal Woes Again....

The weather is turning to fall, the leaves are changing colors, the wind brings a chill in the morning and my children are fighting the change to long pants and long sleeves.  Little Man is leading the war against long pants and long sleeves but Peanut is taking up the fight right along side of him.  Peanut just strips out of the clothes he doesn't want to wear and walks around naked - he is a silent, quiet fighter.  When I have asked him why he doesn't like pants he just says that they are not shorts - yeah, that is kind of the point.  Little Man whines and voices his complaints that the pants touch his feet and the shirts touch his wrists and that is embarrassing, annoying, or just plain wrong depending on what argument he is taking up that day.  Sweet Pea doesn't take up the fight in quite the same way.  She is fine with pants and long sleeves, it is socks and shoes that she takes exception to.  As soon as she is strapped into her car seat she strips off her shoes and socks and throws them to the floor.  When we get to the park, she sits down and takes them off to run around.  If she is in the stroller - same result.  Papa Bear and I just sigh and let her run around without shoes, just as we allow Peanut and Little Man to wear short sleeves/shorts when pants are the better option.  The weather will eventually force the issue and they will comply or be cold.  It isn't worth the fight because the war will be won when it snows, one way or the other they will go with comfort.  Twice a year we try to help them transition to weather appropriate clothing and it is a frustrating process at times - maybe we will move to Florida or San Diego and wear the same seasonal clothing all year long! 

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