Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Worst Cookies Ever and a Rain Adventure

I think you can turn anything into an adventure when you are under the age of 6.  All you need is an outfit accessory (a different hat, an umbrella, boots, a mask etc.) and the announcement that you are going on an adventure.  It really is as easy as that.  Which is very handy when the rain is coming down in sheets and you have to get to the bus stop in 10 minutes.  The boys donned their batman rain ponchos and grabbed the batman umbrellas, Peanut and Sweet Pea stepped into their rain boots and I grabbed my wellies and a giant umbrella.  Little Man told me that I didn't look dignified in my wellies and yoga pants and I informed him that I didn't need to look dignified for a rain adventure to the bus stop.  And we were off.  Puddles were splashed in, umbrellas were used as swords and shields respectively and Peanut declared it a success.  Then he tried to ride his bike off into the sunset but was distracted by the promise of cookies.

I think you can ruin any type of cookie by allowing someone under the age of 6 to participate.  All you need to do is allow them to do the measuring and dumping and mixing.  It really is that easy.  Sweet Pea, Peanut and I set out to make oatmeal raisin cookies.  I am not sure where we went wrong but it was probably when I was using the handmixer and Peanut was supposed to be slowly adding the flour mixture to the wet mix and half of it went on the floor, some went in the bowl and a bit just went in the air and he declared it a snow day.  Sweet Pea's contribution were in trying to eat anything that was in front of her including baking soda and flower.  We decided that the cookies tasted better in the dough form than in the cooked form and we cleaned up our mess.  The cookies might taste like cardboard rocks, but I still declared it a success especially after watching the little ones make their own cookies in their pretend kitchen which was going well until Sweet Pea had pretend salt dumped on her head and became overly distraught.

They were then both distracted by nap time. 

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