Friday, October 5, 2012

Signs of Growing up

1.  Little Man has his first lose tooth.  It is just barely wiggly but he is so excited you would think it was Christmas morning.  It has spurred all kinds of questions about the tooth fairy and he is concerned that she will get her wings dirty if she comes down the chimney like Santa.
2.  Little Man rode his bike to a "drop off" birthday party down the street.  He went all by himself and was so proud of his big boy adventure.  I watched from the top of the street and then called my grandmother to lament about how grown up he is.
3.  Peanut had a stomach virus and was throwing up all night - his grown up moment - grabbing the puke bucket each time to minimize the mess.
4.  Peanut had a play date with a friend from school, Ethan.  They played independently and nicely together.  When they greet each other at school it is typically with a hug but always with excitement.  It is one of his first friend his age that he has made independantly of his big brother.  In fact, Sweet Pea and Ethan's little sister were the tag-alongs at this playdate!
5.  Sweet Pea stomped her foot and threw a fit at Old Navy when she didn't get to buy the pink boots she had her eye on.  Oh the signs of what to come with this one are a bit overwhelming.

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