Monday, October 15, 2012

New Beds for the Boys

The boys got new loft beds for their rooms last weekend.  Their rooms are rather small and we needed to get them more floor space so that they can start to use their rooms for play as well as sleep.  My goal is to get some of the toy clutter off of the first floor.  I am not sure this is actually going to be accomplished but it is worth a try.  So we took Peanut's bed (which was the top bunk to a bunk bed) and altered the bottom part to make it a loft bed.  Then we put the train table under the loft bed (which of course, he started to nap under - the kid likes small spaces) and ta-da, he loves his room.  We found Little Man a free loft bed and with the help of some wonderful friends were able to get it set up in his room.  His has a built in desk under the loft and so he is able to sit and do art projects and school work and reading on his own without his little sister and brother getting into his stuff.  He feels like such a big kid and is really proud of his room.  In fact, we were working on his homework and he had to write something that he loves and he put "my new bed".  Now I just have to convince Papa Bear that his baby girl can move to a big girl bed.  He is in denial!

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