Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bowling Date

For the last month, every time Little Man did something nice, kind, respectful or helpful he got to put a sticker in a sticker book.  When all of the stickers were in the sticker book he was able to pick a reward.  He picked a bowling date with me and we counted down the days to the weekend so we could go. 

We played 3 games and then took a break to have cookies and french fries. When you are on a bowling date with the sweetest 5 year old in the world the calories don't count and the 5 year old gets to pick the menu.  (He specifically asked if we could have "corn things" since Logan wasn't with us).  Then we played one last game and Little Man snagged a spare! He was very excited and then started to cheer for me to get a spare.  His main goal was to make the pins go "bam" which meant to roll the ball hard enough that the pins smacked into each other making a loud noise.  He tried every different running start and roll that he could and achieved it once.  But once was enough to satisfy him. 

I just loved all of our conversations and quality time.  I loved that he slipped his hand into mine every chance that he got and that he willingly would give me a kiss for good luck when he was hoping I would get a strike.  I know my days are numbered and eventually it won't be cool to hang with his mom but until then I will savor my good luck kisses and victory dances with my Little Man.

The next date is to go to Pizza Hut to use the free pizza coupon he gets for reading 10 books this month.  Another date, well earned and well worth it!

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