Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

 As the kids get older, trick or treating gets more enjoyable (and longer).  This year Uncle Mark joined us and added to the fun.  We went to the 11th annual neighborhood parade which is more of a unorganized walking down one street to a big table of cupcakes and cookies which then sets off the official trick or treating.  We went to a few houses and Sweet Pea was done.  She asked to go home and thoroughly enjoyed opening the door and passing out candy.  Peanut loved the idea that he could ring the doorbell say "trick or treat" and someone would get him candy.  He didn't quite grasp that you only go to each house once and was constantly saying "I think we should go back to that house (point at random house).  Little Man sped along at lightening speed with a friend trying to fill his bag as full as possible and was overheard saying that once it was full he was going to go home and dump it out and go back to refill it.  Uncle Mark followed Peanut around laughing hysterically and thoroughly enjoying himself with Peanut antics of all kinds.  Peanut
"running fast" and Little Man thought that his shield was the best.  (So glad that paper mache experiment worked out!) and Sweet Pea was just adorable and surprisingly wore her hat most of the evening.  We got rid of most of the candy with corn syrup by passing it back out to trick or treaters and giving Uncle Mark a goody back to take with him.  There are a few pieces left that Peanut can actually eat if Papa Bear and I don't get to them first.  It was a wonderful night filled with great memories, funny antics and happy kids.


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