Thursday, November 1, 2012

Being Moe

Peanut:       "Mama, I'm Moe"
Me:             "Ok Moe"
Peanut:        "No Mama, I'm Moe so I get to pick the TV show"
Me:             "Huh?"
Peanut:        "Jackson, I'm Moe, right?"
Little Man:  "Yup, Mama, he is Moe.  See Einy meeny miney moe, catch a tiger by his toe, if he          hollers let him go. Einy meeny miney moe.  See he is Moe"
Me:               "Yes, I see now."

In all of the years that I have heard that game played to see who gets picked or who gets to go first, I have never ever thought of the picked person as "being Moe".  This concept is one that I now pull up in my head when I need a smile or a laugh.  I love that Little Man will tell me things like "Mama, I will make sure you get to be Moe tomorrow".  I love that they take turns "being Moe" and that now everyone in this house accepts that the person who is last pointed to IS in fact Moe.  I have no idea if maybe I was slow to get the concept in the first place and that this is widely accepted by others and I just had no idea or if Little Man just reached this conclusion on his own and others will be just as surprised as me.  But in this house, everyone wants to be Moe.

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