Monday, November 12, 2012

Public Transportation and a Museum

This past weekend we decided to have a family fun adventure day.  It was an adventure for Papa Bear and I in the sense that Sweet Pea is newly potty trained and we decided to have a go at a stroller-free adventure.  So we packed a backpack with snacks, changes of clothes for Sweet Pea, camera and our metro cards.  We felt like we were traveling light but it was a stretch to be going so far from home without back-up. 

We made one mistake that worked out will for the kids.  We didn't check the metro schedule for the weekend and the track was closed and we had to take a shuttle to a different metro station before boarding a train.  We should have just turned around and driven into the city when we discovered this but Peanut's love for public transportation overrode our desire for sanity.  So we took a bus to the metro and a metro into the city.  This took about 1 hour and 15 minutes which is about 45 minutes too long if you ask me and about an hour too short if you ask Peanut.  Then we headed the Air and Space Museum.  Peanut was ready to get back on the train as soon as we got there but Little Man really enjoyed himself learning and walking around.  Peanut was our MVP while on the bus and metro as he was so focused on everything going on around him.  Little Man was our MVP at the museum as he was truly interested in some of the concepts and aircraft around him and Sweet Pea was our MVP in using the potty!

All in all, it was a success and an adventure.  Peanut has finally stopped asking to go to another Pumpkin Patch and now frequently asks if we can go back to the museum so that he can take a bus and a train. 

I love our family adventures and I love that we can now do them stroller free.   The days of having to pack half the house just to be able to go anywhere are receding.  It is a diaper-free, stroller-free world we are venturing into and I am so excited.

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