Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweet Pea Potty Training (Update)

In part, this blog serves to help me remember how we successfully did something for one child when we inevitably have to do the same for the next child.  So I go back and read the posts and it helps me remember the mistakes we made and the things we did successfully.

So when we started the potty training for Sweet Pea I knew not to even try to put her in underwear on the first day and just declare a few days of naked booty time because of this post and I knew that giving her any type of droppable/retrievable food while on potty would be a mistake because of this post and I knew that even the impossible can be possible when I reread this post about potty training Peanut even when he didn't have the verbal skills to support it.  I reread the lessons that I had learned and then squared my shoulders to do it one more time, imagining the worst (lots of mess and stress) and hoping for the best.

We are on day 2 of potty training and Sweet Pea is accident free so far.  Let's be honest, she has been asking to potty train for about 5 months by stripping off her diaper and running to the potty.  So she is more than ready.  Yesterday wasn't even supposed to be day 1.  I was just giving her some naked booty time to see how she would do and she was so excited and great at it that I couldn't bear to put a diaper on her.  I expect that this house will be diaper free by the end of the weekend.

They say girls are easier to potty train.  I don't know about that but I will say that I think 3rd children are easier to potty train as the behavior has been modeled for them for so long.  I also enjoy that naked booty time can be done in a dress and baby legs - less exposure.

(I know that the few people reading this blog probably don't care at all about how Sweet Pea does in her potty training endeavors. So sorry!  But this blog serves mostly as a memory book for me and when she is 15 I might want to read about her potty training days and how well she listened to our instruction after catching her trying to sneak out the basement door to meet a boy)

- to update:  Sweet Pea was 100% accident free from day 3 of potty training.  She was our easiest to potty train and we never even have to remind her.  She is already out of pull-ups and staying dry at nap time and wants to be out of them for bedtime (although we are resisting).  I don't know if it was because she was barely two, a girl, our third child or a combination of all 3 but this was a cake walk in potty land.  We are officially out of diapers in this house!!!!

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