Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today's Potty Training Lesson

When potty training....

DO NOT hand your potty training toddler a bowl of grapes while he is sitting on the potty and blithely walk away. Three things will happen. First, your potty training toddler will immediately drop one of the grapes into the potty. Second, he will then try to retrieve said grape. And thirdly, he will then try to eat the retrieved potty grape. Grapes are good to give to potty training toddlers to help them more easily go poo BUT do not try and give them the grapes (to save time) while they are ON the potty.

Just saying, not that Papa Bear or I would EVER make this mistake - but we are just saying.. don't do it.

Potty grapes are to be avoided at all costs. (this probably goes for any easily dropped and retrievable food and the above advice should not be limited to just grapes)


  1. Oh my!!!!!

    Now, if this were to ever happen (not that it would or it did), would it happen before or after Little Man went in the potty?!??!

  2. If this were to happen it would most assuredly be AFTER Little Man already used the potty because a grape swimming in pee is even more fun than a grape just sitting in a recently sanitized potty. Not that this actually happened :)