Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I forgot to mention...

So I want to make sure that I capture some updates and fun events that have occured in the last week. We have been busy welcoming back Uncle Mark and Tita Michelle from two years in Nicaragua or as Little Man would say "Markanagua" and having Mee-Mom in town visiting, bringing presents and playing playing playing and then the potty training. So I know I have missed some things.

1. Peanut transferred a toy from hand to hand on Wednesday, August 5th. I know, big deal, right? Well in this house we celebrate each and every milestone and development. The first time no one saw the actual transfer, but Mee-Mom noted that the toy had definitly changed hands. So we waited and watched Peanut play with his toy and he didn't make us wait long. Papa Bear was at work, but was called with the news right away. Mee-Mom and I did a little Toy Transfer Celebration dance (bet you didn't even know one existed) for Peanut. I was also excited to note that his first toy transfer was done with the same toy monkey (known as George) that Little Man did his first toy transfer with!

2. Little Man got to go to the Choo Choo park with Uncle Mark. He had been promised the Choo Choo park (unbeknownst to Uncle Mark) with Uncle Mark by Papa Bear a few days before Uncle Mark arrived. The first time that Little Man saw Uncle Mark (after 1.5 years), he immediatly asked him to take him. So off we went. Little Man was in heaven, he got to ride the Choo Choo sitting on Uncle Mark's lap and Uncle Mark was in heave getting to hold Little Man during the train ride. They also rode the carousel together and then Uncle Mark treated for ice cream.

3. Little Man might just have a crush on Tita Michelle. The rest of us felt a little obsolete as he held her hand, jumped into her lap, told her she had pretty eyes and kept asking her to go in the other room to play with him so that he could have him all to herself. It was in a word, beautiful to this mama to watch her son be so affectionate and loving to his aunt, especially as she might just be just as in love with him!!

Uncle Mark and Peanut

Tita Michelle and Peanut

Little Man getting all of the lovin'

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  1. How amazing to have all of you guys under one roof--you must be pinching yourself!!!