Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ice Cream, Ducks, Parks and Train Rides (And Lots of Pictures)

We have been a busy family this weekend. After being trapped in the house during the potty training extravaganza for an entire week, we (mostly being me) felt the need to GET OUT and HAVE SOME FUN. So we have packed our day(s) and have been only home for Little Man's nap and making Peanut nap on the go (oh the woes of being the second child).

Little Man Ate Some Ice Cream..

Dropped Some Ice Cream....

Cleaned up all of the mess....(Sort of)

Peanut just made us smile...

We fed some geese...

Ate the food we brought to feed the geese with ....

Played at the playground...

Made some new friends...

Walked up and down steps...(looking mighty cute)

And Peanut, well he kept just making us smile!

It has been a wonderful family fun extravaganza and we still have tomorrow!


  1. That one of Peanut's huge small is awesome! And oh, I love the weekend. Well, when it's actually a weekend, which is one thing I look forward to having again at some point:)

  2. says the woman on touring as a principal in a broadway production currently in Japan for a month...:) Just saying that there could be way worse reasons you don't have weekends at the moment but I do understand looking forward to having them again especially if that means you are home having those weekends with Drew!

  3. i just had a ball catching up with all the blogs!! Your writing is hysterical...potty grapes! tripod! Too funny! Love that U add lots of pictures cuz i don't know where to find "Elmo-0330" anymore!
    I love you Jamers & Family
    Aunt Suzi