Friday, August 21, 2009

Checklist...To the Beach!

- Bags packed...check
- Cooler packed...check
- Car loaded past the point of possible occupancy...check
- Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease...check....

WAIT, WHAT?? Yes, that is right. As we get ready to depart for our vacation down at the beach, Little Man has come down with Hand, Food and Mouth Disease. What is this you ask? Well it starts as a rash (blister like) on the palms of his hands and on his feet. And then if that isn't fun enough, then sores start to appear on his tongue and all through his mouth. Apparently all of this, while painful and annoying, is totally harmless and goes away after about a week. Good, he will be better by the time we come back from vacation :)

Peanut has cut his second tooth and seems to be teething again and might get his third tooth while we are away. At least if his fussiness is any indication. Yesterday all he wanted to do was be held but me or Papa Bear which is so unlike our independent Peanut that I know something has to be up.

We leave tomorrow, hope to miss or at least just graze by Hurricane Bill (but we are experts at vacationing in hurricanes - this will be our 4th hurricane that hits while we are on vacation) But who cares, we will be at the beach as a family, cutting teeth with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. No matter what we will have a blast and have plenty of stories and pictures to post!

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  1. I am so sorry about LM's sickness! That sounds just awful-poor little guy, I hope he gets better really fast! And be careful in that hurricane! Ah, a week at the beach is soooo nice....happy for you!!!!