Monday, August 24, 2009

Peanut Turns 5 Months Old at the beach

Just a word about Peanut (since he tends to get trumped by his big brother’s stories) on his 5 month birthday. Peanut has been an angel this trip. He has adjusted well to having less of a schedule and naps on the go in the car as needed and then takes a long nap when Little Man naps. We captured his first toothy grin today while at the aquarium. He loved watching the fish and was in total glory staring at the fish in the tanks while Little Man ran in circles and played. He doesn’t seem to mind the sand but has made it clear through grimaces that he doesn’t enjoy the cold ocean water. He took his first shower with me today and was as slippery as a greased pig – a 21 pound greased pig to be exact. He has preferences for toys and is starting to get bored and want new entertainment. He reaches for his binky and leans towards me if I walk by him when he is in someone else’s arms. Peanut is still working on the sitting up and has his good moments and bad ones too. All in all, he is still the angel he was when he was born 5 months ago and we are totally in love with him.

Peanut's First Toothy Grin

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