Monday, August 24, 2009

I Know a Papa Bear that Swallowed a Fly… I don’t know why…

Ok, so Papa Bear didn’t really swallow a fly, but he almost swallowed a bee that had decided to take a swim in his coffee. Luckily, the feeling of bee on his tongue was foreign enough to make him spit it out. Unfortunately he was driving at the time making it a little more challenging to ensure that the bee he had spit onto the floor was indeed dead. I had a run-in with the fly. There was a lone fly that was driving us crazy around the beach house. So armed with fly swatters (Little Man thought this was really fun) we went on a fly hunt. Saying..We’re going on a fly hunt and what did we find… Ok, we are total dorks, but back to the story. The fly was elusive and just as we were about to give up the fly landed on my back. Papa Bear shouts “Don’t move, the fly is on your back”. I freeze and then THWACK the fly swatter kills the fly ON MY BACK. But at least we got him and now we will hunt down his little friends. As we were eating dinner, Papa Bear and I deep in conversation, realize that the chatter coming from Little Man is “don’t bother me, don’t bother me don’t bother me me me” – his version of shoo fly don’t bother me – so we got the fly swatter back out and took care of business.

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