Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricanes Love Us

Papa Bear and I have been married for almost 10 years now and in that time we have taken our share of vacations…in hurricanes, 4 hurricane vacations to be exact. And don’t go thinking that just means bad planning on our part because two of those hurricanes were in places rarely ravaged by hurricanes and don’t even list a hurricane season due to the rarity. But the silver lining is that none of these hurricanes have ever even come close to ruining our vacation. While the news channels back home were reporting to our friends and family that our vacation areas were being evacuated and ravaged we were swimming in the pool with slightly overcast skies. In fact, if you count vacations taken while in the womb – this is Little Man’s third hurricane vacation and Peanut’s second one. Little Man was so excited that we were at the beach that even as the hurricane rains pounded the beach he was screaming to go see the ocean. So as soon as the rain stopped we ran down to the beach (it is only about 75 feet from our front door) and played. We taught Little Man how to play the chase game with water. We should have thought twice about the language we used because “watch out the water is going to get you” kind of terrified him and he ran almost all the way home before we caught up with him and told him we were kidding, it was a fun game. That didn’t stop him from running all the way to the top of the beach each time scared out of his mind and then turn around and tell us that he wanted to do it again. We almost sacrificed his crocs to the ocean gods and he got very upset when his hands got sandy so Papa Bear showed him how to wash them off in the ocean. All in all, fun was had despite the rain and very high tide and rough surf because all Little Man could talk about as we tried to get him to go to sleep was going to the beach in the morning and all we could say was WHEN THE SUN COMES UP, NOT WHEN YOU WAKE UP because there is a huge difference in Little Man’s world.

NOTE: A hurricane was nipping at our heel on the way out but held off until we were out of town. Seriously, if you want to hurricane proof your vacation - just invite us along.

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