Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Trip Down South

The trip down went better than you could expect with a 2 year old and a 5 month old in the car. We didn’t know how it would be with our newly potty trained Little Man and the start was a little shaky. We were all packed up and ready to go a 7 am and Peanut decided to grace us with a poop explosion. SO back in the house we went to get cleaned up. Then we were all ready to go at 7:15 and Little Man (who had been waiting in his car seat that whole time) had to go pee. SO back in the house we went to go pee. Then we were all set to go at 7:25 and we drove about a mile when Little Man decided he still had to pee a little and SO we pulled over to the side of the road (hadn’t even gone a mile at this point to pee in the potty AGAIN. But after that, it was cake. We only stopped once on the way to our midway point at Uncle Lee and Aunt Carol’s house. As always, a visit to the cousin was enjoyed by all. Peanut got a ton of attention from E and A and Little Man followed E around as if he were superhero. We got in the car to finish the last half of the trip and both boys passed out within 5 minutes of getting in the car. We hit a slight snag of traffic in the last 13 miles (taking an hour to go 5 miles) but what made it slightly more harrowing is that we had a newly potty trained toddler who had to go pee very badly and we were stuck in stopped (and I mean stopped) traffic while crossing a bridge in the rain. There was no where to pull off and no way to help our Little Man get some much needed relief. He was a trooper and held until we got across the bridge. He even announced “we across bridge STOP THE CAR”. So we are here. The kids are in bed, the house is a wreck, nothing is unpacked and I am taking a big deep breath of fresh ocean air and relief.

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