Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Television and Little Man – the love/hate/teach relationship

This morning we allowed Little Man to turn on the television during breakfast as a special vacation treat and he asked us to put George on. This created a dilemma that was difficult to explain to him. At home, he never watches live TV. We DVR Curious George and Sesame Street and let him watch it whenever we decide he gets TV time. So down the beach where we don’t even have a remote that works for the tv, so changing channels is a challenge (since I am lazy) we definitely don’t have the DVR option. But he doesn’t even know what DVR is, the way we can play George or Elmo for him whenever he wants is his normal and at the beach he got a little taste of life without the extra technology that he is afforded. But then he got lucky. As he was playing with his trains all of a sudden he tuned into the TV and started jumping up and down because it announced that George was on next. So he got his George fix after all.

Curious George came in handy on this beach trip. We were in the car on the way to play miniature golf and we were trying to explain to Little Man how to play the game. We kept trying to break it down into really easy terms and all of a sudden he says “Hit ball with club into hole and I win, I know George play putt putt”. So there we have it. We thought that we could teach him how to play but Curious George beat us to it. As we started playing, he did know the basics of the game but the taking turns part and only hitting your own ball obviously wasn’t covered in the episode of George as it became a free for all of hitting all balls over and over into the hole. We played the first 10 holes before heat and exhaustion had us running for the air conditioned car. Our number one rule of this trip was not to push the kids towards meltdown just to finish an activity or stay somewhere for a certain amount of time – it was time to cut bait and we did without hesitation!!

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