Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Man's First Tooth Fairy Visit (Updated)

Little Man and Peanut were playing their games, up to their usual antics when I hear everyone yelling for me to come downstairs.  The crisis was that Little Man had lost his first tooth and then had actually lost the lost tooth.  Papa Bear and I were on our hands and knees realizing that our floor desperately needed vacuuming when we finally found it.

The Story:
Little Man was pretending to eat a picture of marshmallows (in a magazine) to make Peanut laugh when he felt a pop and out came his loose tooth.  No fuss, a little blood and now a much anticipated visit from the tooth fairy.

The marshmallows/magazine he was pretending to eat when he lost his first tooth!
The Toothfairy:

Papa Bear and I had a lot of fun being the tooth fairy.  We also think that the tooth fairy has a harder gig for kids with loft beds that are light sleepers.  Just sayin'.  The tooth fairy left a tiny tiny little note and $2 for the first tooth (inflation?)  I am fairly certain we will be awakened in the middle of the night by Little Man's joyous declaration when he rolls over and finds his tooth booty. 

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