Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Building Museum

Another family fun trip into the city to visit a museum, although this time we skipped the bus and the metro ride despite Peanut's protests.  We wanted to get in and out easily and so we drove in and parked, huddled in the wind and off we went.  Mama Bear and Papa Bear sanity restored!

The kids played in the Building Zone where they got to use backhoe type diggers in the sand, play in a kid sized house with real windows and couches that fit them perfectly, play with doll houses and oversized legos and trucks galore.  The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves even though there wasn't anything there that they hadn't been able to play with at other places. After we left the Building Zone there were some fun things spread out in the lobby.  There were cushioned blocks that if stacked properly would make a perfect arch.  This project started with a bunch of kids and was completed by a bunch of dads.  I am not sure who was having more fun.  We played and built houses and then had snacks in the car on our way home.

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