Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Mama - where the nicknames went wrong

Sweet Pea's actual name is Alexa but it is rare that she hears that.  Papa Bear calls her Bear, I call her Love Bug and her brothers call her Lexa.  It is so rare that she doesn't actually know that it is her name.  We were looking at pictures of the family and I asked her to name everyone she saw and she started with herself and said "Me!"  I agreed and said, "That's right, that is you.  Alexa" then she pointed at my picture and said "A Mama" and then at Papa Bear and said "A Papa" and then added A before both of her brother's names too.  Apparently she thinks her name is Lexa and that she is a lexa like I am a mama or that is a toy.  Little Man was even sounding out her name to spell it the other day and I hear him saying "LLLLLLexa".  So the lesson here, we need to start to use her full name more often and break the nickname habit. 

Some of her other nicknames are:
trouble (she actually answers to this)
baby girl

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