Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sweet Pea Turns 2

Oh my darling Sweet Pea has turned 2 and is every inch the diva that you would expect at that age.  She was very excited to be in the spotlight on her day.  We started the day by taking her brothers to school and then she and I went to Starbucks where she got to pick out a special cake and then we went to a park to enjoy our respective cake and coffee treats and play until it was time to get Peanut.  Little Man drew her a picture of him blowing kisses to her and she demanded hugs from him all afternoon and he gladly gave them to her.  We all enjoyed her birthday dinner of homemade pizza and cupcakes and then we gave her her gifts.  She loves her new balance bike and a bike helmet and she also got to open some gifts from G-Ma and Poppop.  We ended the evening by going to a fall festival at Little Man's school before we all fell into bed.  It was a packed day, but we enjoyed every second of celebrating Sweet Pea.

Notable things about Sweet Pea on her second birthday:
-  Sweet Pea has an ever expanding vocabulary and is using 3 and 4 word sentences
-  She eats more than her brothers at just about every meal and loves everything except she won't drink milk
-  She loves to pretend play especially by having tea parties or pushing her baby dolls around in strollers or shopping carts and loves to dress up in pretend play clothes
-  She works her Papa by demanding hugs, kisses and calling for him from her crib until he relents and gives her one last snuggle
-  We are hunkering down to get through a monster storm just days after her birthday - trust me, this girl has had a history of storms in her short little life
-  She loves Elmo and demands to watch Elmo Doctor at least once a day
-  She still uses her binky and blanket to sooth at bedtime
-  She is obsessed with all things pumpkin patch just like her big brother Peanut and plays well in her brother's pretend play games as long as they allow girls to play
-  She can walk in high heels better than I can walk in them and insists on picking out her own clothes.  She prefers tights and dresses but will look through her drawers saying "I like...." and then name what she wants to wear.
-  Socks never stay on long and shoes come off the second she gets a chance even in the cold, outside, or dirty places.  We don't fight it.  She'll learn.

Sweet Pea is the cutest, sweetest, snuggliest little girl.  She adores her big brothers and can't stand to be separated from her Papa.  Our lives would not be complete without our little 2 year old princess. 

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