Monday, October 29, 2012

Playing Pumpkin Patch

We have already covered the obsession in this house with pumpkin patches and now we have also found a way to appease our little pumpkins without spending $50 a weekend to go to the next pumpkin patch.  Papa Bear ingeniously hooked the wagon up to the trike using a carabiner hook.  The kids take turns pulling the pumpkin wagon around, dropping off pumpkins, picking up passengers, selling pumpkins etc.  They spent hours at this over the weekend and Peanut would ask before naps and bedtime if he could go back outside to play pumpkin patch after he slept.  Peanut and Little Man took turns pulling the wagon and being the passengers.  Sweet Pea was a not always well tolerate playmate of this game as she didn't follow Little Man's strict rules of when it was pumpkin pick up time versus passenger time, but they all made it work.  If we had only figured this game out earlier in the month we could have saved $100 on pumpkin patch admissions.  Although due to all of those pumpkin patch trips we amassed 9 pumpkins with which they play this game.  As long as they are happy, not fighting, outside and not fighting (I said that one already, well it bears repeating) life is good!

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