Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Running... Phoebe Style

Friends was a popular show when Papa Bear and I were dating and we watched it together each week religiously. We often use quotes from the show in certain situations that only make each other laugh and will date us to our children when they are old enough to understand what we are doing. Every time I watch Sweet Pea run, I am always reminded of one episode where Phoebe and Rachel go running together. Rachel runs like every other person on the street but Phoebe runs with abandon, she uses and swings her arms, adds a skip to her step and just has fun with it. This is how Sweet Pea runs all of the time. I am not really even sure it can be categorized as a run. It is more of a hoppy, skippy, forward motion that may or may not result in her running into a wall. It makes me so happy to watch her run. I just love the way her arms go everywhere and how her feet seem to bounce off of the ground. I hope she never stops moving with such ease, joy, clumsiness and abandon.  See for yourself. 
Oh and if you want to compare it to Phoebe's run then watch this....

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