Sunday, September 23, 2012

Logan's Heroes

Peanut is my hero every single day.  He works so hard for every word and spends over 3 hours a week in speech therapy without a single complaint.  Last week he spent 3 hours at preschool and then ate lunch in the car so that he could have a 2 hour speech and language evaluation and he was a complete rockstar during his evaluation.  He didn't fidget, complain or throw a tantrum - he worked and he worked hard.  When speech therapy starts, he knows that it is time to work.  Every day I watch my sweet boy work harder than anyone should have to work to be understood.  He is my hero. 

This weekend was the Childhood Apraxia of Speech walk to raise money and bring awareness to Peanut's condition.  Friends and family came together and for a few short hours, we all got to be Logan's heroes and show him how incredibly proud we are of how hard he works.  He knew that the walk was for him and that it was his special day.  Little Man was an excellent big brother, conceding this day and walk to his little brother and not being upset at losing the spotlight that he craves.  My mom (Mee-Mom) drove down from DE just for the day and spent time during the walk holding his hand and talking about anything he wanted to talk about (which was probably very random since Peanut is not known for staying on topic).  Uncle Mark and Tita Michelle came and took pictures of just about every moment of the day, turning the camera around to catch pictures of themselves with the hero every chance they got.  Wonderful friends that are as close as family came giving up their morning and skipping nap times to show Peanut how much they love him.  And there were those that couldn't be there in person but who donated in his name and who I know were cheering Peanut on.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful support system and community surrounding us, surrounding Peanut.

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  1. The last picture is my favorite. Logan is my hero! Perfect Day! :-)